by Lee-Anne Wann on October 01, 2020

We are in unprecedented times

for many our way of life has been turned upside down and our usual routines are non-existent and the challenges some of us face are things we never thought we would have to contend with. So what do we do and how do we navigate our way through these times and get ourselves back into a ‘new’ normal that is healthy, vital and beneficial for ourselves? Here are some of my tips and suggestions that I am using for both myself and my clients – pick a few that sound good or achievable to you and put them into practice for 14 days to ease yourself into a new routine that works for you.

What do we do and how do we navigate our way through these times and get ourselves back into a ‘new’ normal that is healthy, vital and beneficial for ourselves? Lee-Anne

Focus on what you can do not on what you cannot

Its super easy and super normal to focus on all the things that have gone wrong or all the things we cannot do in recent times and while it may be easy and normal it’s not the most helpful thing for us to focus on if we are going to move into a good feeling space. If we take a look at the last few months with a different perspective, perhaps one of possibilities or opportunities we could look and see some things we have been able to do that perhaps we have not had a chance to do before. Maybe some of us got to do more baking at home and experiment with new recipes (try one of my favourites Pistachio Bark Chocolate here) or have found our inner chef that we didn’t know existed, perhaps we had a chance to prepare food in advance so there was always something to grab from the fridge, maybe we took up yoga or did early morning stretching because we didn’t have to combat the commute to work or we have explored some local areas we didn’t know existed and found great walks or places to exercise. By simply looking at what we can do and what went well we can find some things to take with us into the future that serve us well.

Plan for the worst and expect the best

Now I am the eternal optimist always trying to look for the good or find something that I can feel good about however I believe we need to be aware of what can happen and how we might manage the ‘worst’ if it does occur – this takes away much of the fear and the ‘what if’ for me. If we did go back to lock-down again, what could we do differently or how could we be prepared for it. I have a lot more exercise options at home and I have kept the resources I used during lock down happening. I use zoom for most of my clients now and I train them on zoom still. That way if something does happen it does not interrupt our exercise plans too much. I have also kept up with much more baking and home cooking than before and I have a lot of foods pre-made in the freezer so I can always grab something for the family in a hurry and I have a bit more on hand in case I should need. I also have kept some stress management strategies happening because they are great for us anytime but imperative if we go back again. Things as little as having breakfast and water 20 mins after waking and starting my day with some raw nuts and my Colvita supplement. Managing my screen time to ensure I can get to sleep when I need and my brain is not ‘wired’ from all the activity is a key for me too. Remain positive but be prepared is my motto here.

Remember its not what happens to you but how you choose to respond to it

There are many things in life that are going to challenge us – we are going to fall off the wagon and we are going to make poor choices when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Lets just accept those and know they don’t have any power over us unless we allow the past to determine our future. Your power is in the now so what you choose to do from right now is what is going to determine your health, how you feel and where you are going to be tomorrow. Often people will think they have already been so bad or so lazy there is no point in starting or trying but if we simply shifted our perspective and instead thought, the sooner I make even one small change the sooner I am going to feel better and the sooner I am going to be back to where I want to be. We are the sum of what we do consistently so choose some small, achievable good habits that you can practice daily and you will soon see and feel the difference. Some of my little favourites are:

  •  Drinking water on waking
  • Eating a handful of raw, plain nuts before breakfast
  • Perform a stretching routine after a shower or bath
  • Read a book (rather than use a screen) before bed
  • Practice gratitude for 5 minutes a day
  • Exercise for fun instead of a goal

Find one amazing lockdown experience you can bring into your future that works for you

What was it about lockdown that you absolutely loved? If you had to find something, if you really, really looked, what could you see that was amazing that would not have happened if lock down had not occurred? Did you reconnect with your partner? Did you find some time for yourself? Did you learn a new skill? Did you find strength and courage you didn’t realise you had? Did you create opportunities where they didn’t seem to be any? Did you stay strong when it would have been easier to fall? Did you get to know your neighbours and community? Have a look at your lock down and see where there was a silver lining and see if you can bring this positive into your future and draw from the experience – it will give you a sense of achievement and control over a situation none of us could have ever imagined.