Wow Lee-Anne to say you are life changing just seems too little, I’ve lost and kept off over 10kgs for the first time in my life and plus I understand more each month about my patterns and problems. I for the first time in 35 years feel in control of my health, the product Axanta also seems to have changed me so much and I feel balanced and able to reach new heights. Thanks so much…you know your stuff, thanks again - Tony

Tony Wheeler - Director

Lee-Anne takes the time to really get to know the client and then develops a program and plan to suit your personal needs. Her level of knowledge and understanding of nutrition and fitness is superb. I would have absolutely no hesitation in giving her my support or recommendation.

Lisa Burns
GM - Marketing & Fundraising

Lee-Anne is very knowledgeable about personal health. Also she has a wonderful ability to deliver information that is relevant and then to coach or manage one through the health process. I totally recommend Lee- Anne to everyone who is wanting to improve their health and wellbeing. Professional, friendly bit also prepared to "guide" clients towards success. Lee-Anne is the full package and one of the best life fitness people around.

Steve Brebner
Gate Manager at Te Arai South Holdings(Golf Course)

Thanks Lee-Anne Wann wow I’ve come a long way in 4 weeks I think I’m finally in the right frame of mind... 5.6kgs down 11cm lost around my tummy! Exercise has become part of the new me. I’m looking forward to see how far I’m going to go all thanks to you!

Shiehaam Boltman

I have been working with Lee-Anne regarding my nutrition. After 4 weeks on her program (which was very easy to follow) I felt fantastic, its all the little changes she has got me to make that overall make a big difference. I've lost weight, have lots more energy and I'm not stressed anymore!!

Amanda Watt - Director